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The Town of Kurin

Awakening Project

Welcome to the Dragon Slayer's Homepage. The Dragon
Slayers are a warrior guild of the town of Kurin. The
town exists in a world called "The Awakening."


Red Nibia, a young boy returns home to his
town only to find all his friends and family slain.
After searching he discovers giant tracks of a foot
the size a dragon. In anger Red abandons his own town
and sets out to kill the dragon. After years he grows
up and creates a new town, which he names after hid
his slain father, Kurin. Nibia names himself
Firestreak. All warriors in the town shall be called
Dragon Slayers.

Demo of The Awakening project(NOT PA2)

Nobody may kill or attack a citizen or visitor.
Nobody may steal anything from a home or business.
Nobody may challenge the authority of the king.

All crimes are punishable by death or expulsion.

The peaceful town of Kurin welcomes all potential followers.
All visitor can only come in a group of three at a time.
We will probably sanction any visitor fleeing an unallied army.

At the end of every month the games shall be played.


This will be a coastal city with the castle in the center.


People of all religions are allowed to trade within our walls, but all citizens must practice christanity.(in the game)

This will be a coastal city with the castle in the center.

Legions of the Dragon Hearth


My first and therefore first priority alliance is with the Legion
of the Dragon hearth. If you do not join my clan you may want to
try them.

The Legions of the Dragon Hearth

Screen Shots(Not mine)


Wednesday, October 11
Well, good news, PA2 is out. I'd like to congradulate Robert on getting the job done. I'm waiting for Alpha to be out, because that's when we start the online interactive testing. =)

Saturday, March 25
Damn it's been a long time since an update.. work on TAP has been sluggish, but I stay verile. We've got a new member *gasp*, Yevda.

Thursday, December 16
Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I've been a little busy with school work. I just added a new members only message board. It's top of the line from EZ Board. And I hope it will increase the activity of some of you more sloth-like members.

Monday, November 29
We've got our 9'th member. We also have three people I'm about to take of the applicants list because they never responded to my e-mails after they applied. I also got two other applications that never surfaced. I must ask all people who fill out to application to PLEASE make sure your e-mail is correct. If not, I cannot contact you. Also try to type a message on the board so we know you're out there. The general message board is accessable from the loading page at HERE.

Tuesday, November 16
Not too much to report at all. The bi-monthly chats haven't been going that well I guess I understand, considering there's not too much to talk about. I'm not really going to be on much lately. I've got a LOT of school work that I've been neglecting. BTW: We got a new applicant under the e-mail, but when I e-mailed them I got an error message back that said there was no e-mail under that name. If you're there PalladinSky, please e-mail me so I know your e-mail.

Monday, November 1
Our growing guild is going to need to a little more structure. I like the idea of us being a small community, because we're going to depend on each other in the game. I encourage you all to be active on our message board. I've also decided to institute a guild chat on the first and third Sunday night of every month. You don't HAVE to come. It's entirely optional. I just like the idea of us being to talk, because I like to think less of myself as a leader and more of just another member. So come and speak your mind. Tell me if you have a complaint. Or just sit back and talk with your friends. Also, we have a new member, welcome Aan`Allien.

Saturday, October 30
We've had a DRAMATIC increase in applications for the guild. There are currently 5 people waiting to get in! You guys are ALL accepted! I just need to talk to you via icq. I need info about you so I can make a bio. And we need to discuss what position you want in the guild. For those of you that can't communicate with me. I'm holding our first official guild meeting. It will be in the chatroom at 4PM Eastern Standard Time, Sunday night. All members and candidates, PLEASE COME! We have much to discuss! And also, please DON'T sign up to join the guild unless you actually WANT to join. I spend my own time making bios for you and trying to get in contact. That it all.

Wednesday, October 27
I finished the constitution WAY ahead of schedule. I you have any suggestions, I build a swanky(I just felt like saying swanky) message board it's on the entrance page with the picture of the castle. PLEASE POST THERE! BTW: I got another application.

Sunday, October 24
No news to report. I instituted Karnage as the high general. I've been planning on a consitution to replace out policy section. I hope it will be complete by next Sunday, but no promises.

Sunday, October 11
Sparky, has came, Sparky has gone. He may have made all our lives a little better, but he's gone now. But never fear, we've got two more applicants. AP kicks and Karnage will be able to fill any spot they wish that is open. If Karnage wants he can have Sparkies old job as High General.

Sunday, October 2
Nothing new to report. For those of you who noticed the name change in the history. Red Nibia is Aibinder spelled backwards. Aibinder is my last name.

Wednesday, September 15
We've got a new member. As Joebob was booted, Sparky took his place as the New High General. Now Pablo is our new Viceroy as he has taken Sparkys' old job.

Sunday, September 12
Our High General Joebob has been expelled from the guild. He or one of his friends used the password to edit this page. He mocked me by changing my profile and screwing with the page that took me many hours to build. For that, he is gone. So I'm now looking for a new high general.

Sunday, September 5
Wow, we have frames! YAHOOOOO! There are a ton of new features it the members only page. So don't forget your password. I am not a member of the AP team(which many guild owners are), but I still have PA2. Which surprised the hell out of Conrad.

Sunday, August 29
Nice Sunday night chat. Nothing much to talk about. We'll be listed soon on the page.

Thursday, August 26
Ha, we now have a members only page. You need to know two completely different sets of passwords to get in. Nobody tell anyone their password, even if they say they're me. If you loose yours, e-mail me for it. Don't tell ANYONE. There may be someone who has the e-mail, never ever ever tell him! I'll email the passwords to you.

Monday, August 23, 1999
Very little going on. Robert Olsen and crew are slaving away on the project for sure.

Sunday, August 22, 1999
It's me again, I know I can't talk everyday. But I'll do what I can. Sparky officially joined. I guessed that it all. Check out my members page and see the perpetually growing number.

Saturday, August 21, 1999
Guess who. Well, I'm feeling pretty good. Lord Condrad cooled off and I think it's gonna be alright. Also, I talked with Robert Olsen via icq about the game a bit. He's very smart and knows exactly where the game is headed. So, I am very confident of the release of the game and so everybody chill.

Friday, August 20, 1999
Hi again. While nobody really reads this, it is kind of nice to know whats going on. So when I look back, I know where I was coming from. For the first time in my alliance with The Legions of the Dragon Hearth, there is rocky water. Lord Conrad got kinda mad at me because I was being a jerk. I was trying to get onto his members only page.(which is kind of like spying) So now he is pretty mad at me, partly because of that and partly because I was annoying him with problems about his website. Since he is kind of a particular guy I hope he comes around. Well, I hope this does not upset the alliance and if it does. It's not fair to you members or him. So I am making a new decree. Everyone must visit his website and mail him about what they like. So I put the link up higher in the page if you need to find it. That it all.

Thursday, August 19, 1999
Hello all. This is the guild leader Firestreak. A lot has happened in this past two weeks. I created this guild. It grew to a high of five members. I got myself an ally. I even recycled. I would like to welcome our two newest members, Davey and J D Gooder. We still are looking for a construction chief and many majors and knights. If you are interested please sign up.

You are the 'th person to enter the city since October 24, 1999.