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Official Policy of the Town of Kurin

Criminal System

All crimes shall be handled by the police. All criminals shall be brought before the king or a judge appointed by him. The penalties for lesser crimes shall be fines. If a fine cannot be paid their property will be auctioned off. A more serious crime may result in expultion from town or even death. After either of these, you are not allowed back. All criminal attempting to flee should be killed. If you see a criminal fleeing and catch them. There will ba a reward. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Nobody may attack a criminal in custody at the penalty of a fine. All church laws must be obeyed or penalty shall be chosen by the church.

City Laws

No one may challenge the authority of the king. No one may evade the tax collecters or police. If a non-enemy is in trouble, you must inform the police or army. You must obey the laws of an ally if you are in their land. You cannot attack a non-enemy or citizen without a very good reason(self defense or thievery). Everyone has the right to hunt on any public land. You cannot steal from any non-enemy or citizen.(take all you want from an enemy) You cannot sneak onto a boat without consent from the owner. No vigilante justice. Do not burn people's house down if you think they commited a crime.


Public Relations

Every month the games shall be held. Both civilians and government officials can compete. Weekly report shall be posted in town hall. All matters included.(from war reports to B&S) All complaints should be filed to the police. It should move up to the King if important. In a wartime situation, all humans players should sign up to fight.

International Relations

All problems with other towns should be reported to a knight. It should move up to the King if important. All neighbors' laws should be followed or their towns avoided. Any assault on the town or a citizen or and ally shall make a town an enemy. All outsiders must follow our laws and if they have a complaint, they should tell the police.


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