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do you remember when Itzi and i made a suggestion about having an arrow fly around the world nonstop screaming "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" well i was just wondering if you'll have it in the game. it would make a great addition... oh yes and it puts a hole in anything and everything in it's path... thanks
<~Tricky~> Tim Dawson posted 08-23-99 07:04 AM ET (US)     Click Here to See the Profile for Tim Dawson  Click Here to Email Tim Dawson

PLEASE! will people THINK before they post questions like these. All of this stuff can be answered with just a smidgen of thought!

AP is going to be the most realistic RPG you've ever played. It will take you to new heights of roleplaying. Everything will have reactions and results.

So when you ask a question like "will an arrow zoom round the world screaming" the answer is of course a big fat, YES!

It's one of the first features we put in, considering its vitalness to the gameplay.

Obviously all you PA2 testers will have grown acustomed to it's mindless screaming and zooming, but for those that arn't so lucky to be playing with the engine, I've taken a few screenshots to show you all.

A close call, but it's proximity gave me a great chance to get a good look at the blighter as he zoomed passed.

Here it is again, this time coming through town. Luckily it missed the windows, as like Tricky said, this thing can go through anything.

Towns aren't the only thing under threat - this dragon narrowly misses a body piercing.

The dragon, rightfully terrorfied, is simply thankful for having dodged this speedy menace

Well, there we go, I hope that's cleared up any questions you've had on this matter. Tim Dawson

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