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1.0: The Military
1.1: High General
1.1.1: High General Duties
1.1.2: High General Rights
1.1.3: High General Privileges
1.2: Majors
1.2.1: Duties of the Majors
1.2.2: Rights of the Majors
1.2.3: Privileges of the Majors
1.3: Knights(or archers)
1.3.1: Duties of the Knights
1.3.2: Rights of the Knights
1.3.3: Privileges of the Knights
1.4: Sailers
1.4.1: Duties of the Sailers
1.4.2: Rights of the Sailers
1.4.3: Privileges of the Sailers
1.5: Mages
1.5.1: Council of Mages
1.5.2: Mage Master
1.6: Intelligence Agency
1.6.1: Intelligence Director
1.6.2: Secret Agent
1.7: The Dragon Slayers
1.7.1: Dragon Slayers Anatomy
1.7.2: DS Training
2.0: Law System


The Military is both the protector and retaliatory force of the Town of Kurin. It is run by the High General who reports only to the king.

1.1High General

The High General is the leader of the military. His authority can only be challenged by the king himself. The High General

1.1.1High General's Duties

The High General duties are very clear. He is to run the military forces. He commands both the majors and the intelligence director. He oversees all the forces.

1.1.2High General's Rights

The High General has important duties and needs special rights. He cannot be arrested. He is above the law. The only way any action can be taken against him is if the king himself strips him of his power.

1.1.3High General's Privileges

The High General get special privileges. Other than being above the law he can declare martial law. This means the military takes over everything in an emergancy. He also can choose to live in the castle and go anywhere with military protection.


The Majors are the go betweens in the military. They are how the High General communicates with the knights. They control the knights at a personal level. They lead them into battle and command them during combat.

1.2.1Duties of the Majors

The duty of the Major can be easily summarized. They command either a squad of ten knights, five archers or one sea vessel. They report to the High General for all missions.

1.2.2Rights of the Majors

The rights of the Majors are that of an ordinary citizen. They are subject to regular laws. However they are also forced to follow military law, defined by both the King and the High General.

1.2.3Privileges of the Majors

The special privileges of the Majors are few. They have the privilege to run business without taxes. They also hold lots of respect in the community.

1.3Knights(same as Archers)

The knights are he basic military. They are the ones that will protect the very heart of the Town of Kurin.

1.3.1Duties of the Knights

Their duties are of the highest importance. They will fight for Kurin. They follow the orders of their majors. They will make up what we call the units. Ten of them each. Led by their major.

1.3.2Rights of the Knights

Other than the special priveledges, they get all the rights of a normal citizen.

1.3.3Privileges of the Knights

The priveledges are many. They get special rights as a knight. The penalty for striking a knight is death. They deserve the utmost respect. They get a salary. They are never taxed. If charged for a crime they get tried as a knight, not a civilian.


The sailers of the Fleet of the Town of Kurin are taken in high regard. They shall police and protect the waters. If necessary, they will pilot the ships into battle. These braves soles will be the sailors.

1.4.1Duties of the Sailers

The duties are simple. Perform the assigned task given by their major, the captain of the ship. The amount of sailers per vessel will be decided depending on the vessel.

1.4.2Rights of the Sailers

Other than the special priveledges, they get all the rights of a normal citizen.

1.4.3Privileges of the Sailers

The life of the sailer will be tough but they will get a more than fair deal. After the navy captures and loots an enemy ship or town they keep a large percentage of the booty. If not enough cash is being generated that way they get a salary.


Mages are a important part of the Town of Kurin army. Every unit has one mage member(except the archers). So during battles they can be a force in determining who is the victor. For this reason, there is a council of mages. This can help the trade and developement of skills.

1.5.1Council of Mages

The Council of Mages is the town's way of showing respect for the mages who train hard to help the town. Spells, tactics and good old fun are exchanged here. It is coordinated by the mage master.
1.5.2Mage Master

The Mage Master is the mage chosen by the Major Leader to be part of the D.S. team. They can choose another mage to be their apprentice.

1.6Intelligence Agency

The Intelligence Agency operated in secrecy. The agents only talk to the director. The director only talks to the High General. Their job is to do everything that we can't say we're doing.
1.6.1Intelligence Director

The Intelligence Director has so much immunity only the High General or King can do anything to hinder his work. He is not subject to trial unless ordered so by the king himself.

1.6.2Secret Agent

The job of the agent cannot be summarized. The only way to find out is to become one.

1.7The Dragon Slayers

The Dragon Slayers are a elite unit of knights. They have the power to recruit knights from other units. They do the most important and most dangerous missions because they are the best of the best.

1.7.1Dragon Slayers Anatomy

The Dragon Slayer unit is made up of 21 different members. The highest ranking is the major. The Major of the Dragon Slayers is the Major Leader, making him next in line after the High General. 12 of them are knights selected to be part of the unit by the Major Leader. There are six archers, who constantly train for their accuracy. Then there are two mages, one is a master the other an apprentice. The Mage Master is the leader in Mage council. The apprentice is trained by them.

1.7.2DS Training

The trainer for the D.S unit is their major. The major begins training from the moment that the major selects them. The archers are trained to be extremely accurate. The knights will train with combat simulations. The mages will learn spell after spell and master it. All members will have a function they can perform on a ship so that they can run their very own ship themselves.